Our Philosophy

At Hicks & Llamas, PC, our operating philosophy envelopes every aspect of our legal practice.

Practice Philosophy

Our goal since our inception in 1984 has been to provide legal expertise, prowess and experience in resolving the legal needs of our clients.

H&L Team Philosophy

We will only meet our clients’ needs and expectations by recruiting and retaining the best attorneys and staff. We operate as a team—each of us have a sense of responsibility and accountability to every client.

Client Philosophy

Our clients have every right to trust us and to believe that in every situation we will seek the best solutions and provide the best advice. Our rates are generally at or below those of our competitors and each team member assigned to a case is required to add value each time they work on the case.

Opposing Counsel Philosophy

We strive to be work with opposing counsel wherever possible to find solutions that will mutually benefit our respective clients. At the same time, our track record provides ample evidence to opposing counsel that we will defend our clients vigorously and protect their interests.

Philosophy Regarding the Courts

Since our inception in 1984, we have made it our practice to earn the respect of those courts in which we practice. We understand that procedures and protocol varies depending on the preferences of each judge, and we make it our practice to adapt in every case.

Philosophy Regarding the Communities We Serve

We don’t just practice in the communities we serve—we live in those communities. Each of us individually, and the Firm as a whole, work to improve our communities and aid those who are needy.